How do I best care for my jersey?

First, only wash your jersey with other jerseys. Other clothing can affect the stitching. Don't mix white and colored jerseys. Then, turn jerseys inside out.  For jerseys with buttons, make sure that all of the buttons are undone so they do not break. Wash on cold and casual. Regular cycle is okay if the jersey is dirtier. Finally, NEVER machine dry. Hang the jerseys up and let them air dry! Most jerseys should dry quickly.

How can I make a custom Jersey?

Please email us at info@icythreads.com what jersey from the store you want to be customized, the name and number. Almost every jersey can be customized! 

Are returns accepted?

Returns are accepted up to 30 days after your jersey is received. 

How does the referral program work?

You will be assigned a special link that you can put in your Instagram bio/share with whomever you want. If anyone buys anything off your link, then you will receive 10% of the total sale price. If the item is returned/cancelled then you will not receive any commission. You will be paid your 10% 10 days after the purchase. If you have any other questions, then please email us at info@icythreads.com.

I received the wrong product. What should I do?

Within 7 days of receiving the wrong product (size or color) email us at info@icythreads.com. A full refund will be paid by Icy Threads when we receive the item. The tags must still be attached. A new item can be shipped out instead of receiving a refund.

I accidentally ordered the wrong size/color. What should I do?

If the wrong product is ordered, then email us immediately at info@icythreads.com. If the product has not been shipped, then we can change the order for you. If the product has already shipped, you can send it back to us when you receive it for an exchange. However, the consumer must pay the return shipping. 

Can this site be trusted with my credit card?

Yes. This website is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). That means that all information entered is protected and encrypted. Therefore, even if the site is hacked, your information can not be leaked. SSL protects million of websites including PayPal, Gmail and Facebook.

How can I receive a free jersey?

If you have a significant following on social media, then email us at info@icythreads.com to discuss the possibility of you receiving a free jersey.

Is there anyway I can get a discount on my order?

If you buy a jersey from Icy Threads and post a picture on Instagram, then email us at info@icythreads.com for your coupon code. The code can only be used on future orders. (Must tag us in the picture as well.)

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to all of North America, Europe and Australia.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 1 to 4 business days. Shipping normally takes 2-5 days to receive.

Where do I enter my discount?

The option to enter your discount will be found on the page "Payment Method" during checkout.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Will I be able to get a tracking number?

Yes. You should receive a tracking number 1-3 days after you placed your order. The tracking number should work within 3 days of it being emailed to you. If not then please email us at info@icythreads.com for help.

How do I follow my order with the tracking number?

You can go to icythreads.aftership.com to track your package.

Any other questions?

Just email us at info@icythreads.com. Most emails are answered within 1-2 days!